Pure Poison Polish – Hazy Summer Daze Collection – Swatches and Review

Hey guys!

Today I have swatches and a review of the Pure Poison Polish ‘Hazy Summer Daze’ collection. This is a collection of 6 bleached neon cremes all inspired by songs that are sentimental to the maker. I find that Drea always has this special connection to her polishes and the names she chooses, which makes each polish and each collection more special than the last. Each polish in this collection is versatile as well! They all stamp very well and also watermarble!

Here is a slide show of the bottle shots of each polish –

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**Just wanted to add a note before I continue with the swatches. In my experience swatching these, they were all one coat applications. Please keep in mind that Pure Poison Polish makes her polishes in small batches, and that consistency and color may vary slightly from batch to batch. All the polishes in this collection were highly pigmented, as well. I highly recommend a base coat for each polish to prevent staining your nails.**

Now on to the swatches!

First up is ‘Mellow Mood’ –

One Coat + Glossy top coat – Artificial Light

This is a gorgeous bubblegum/Barbie pink that was opaque for me in one smooth coat. I have to say that I was shocked at the opacity of these the I first applied them! Application was smooth as silk. It was not difficult to work with and the consistency was on the thicker side. It wasn’t too thick, but just right; which made application so easy. Being that these are cremes, the removal was very easy.

Next up is ‘Your Love’ –

One coat + Glossy top coat – Artificial light

This is a pastel neon coral/salmon pink creme. This was the most opaque polish for me and one of the lightest in the collection. This is much more bright than I could capture on camera and is absolutely stunning. It almost reminds me of cotton candy! If my middle finger looks like a thicker application, it is. I smudged it while moving something on my desk and did a second coat to cover it up. But as you can see, the second coat did not change the color at all, and it was just as bright and bold as the first! Application was easy and smooth and of course, easy removal.

Next up is ‘Lazy Afternoon’ –

One coat + Glossy top coat – Artificial light

This is one of my favorites in the collection! I just love a good purple and this is gorgeous purple is no exception. It is almost pastel, almost blueberry entirely perfect. This was opaque for me in one coat as well, but you could possibly need two based on application. My application was easy and smooth, just like the rest, and easy peasy removal.

Next up is ‘I’m With You’ –

One coat + Glossy top coat – Artificial light

This one had the thickest of the formulas for me, but I added a couple drops of thinner and all was well with the world…erm…polish. This is a super bright bleached orange neon. The color reminds me of macaroni and cheese! Love me some mac and cheese! All of my quirkiness aside…this is truly a fun color. I am not the biggest fan of orange polishes, but I do love this. I can’t wait to use it for the upcoming fall/halloween season!

Next up we have ‘Green Hell’ –

One coat + Glossy top coat – Artificial light

I never thought I’d love a lime green polish as much as I love this one! It is a perfect balance between being pastel and being a neon, and my second favorite from the collection. This was a one coat polish for me, but I could see needing two based on your application.

And finally we have ‘Bowl For Two’ –

One coat + top coat – Artificial light

This is my absolute favorite from the entire collection. Anyone who knows me, knows I love mint, well this is a minty turquoise that just blew me away. The formula – perfection. The application – perfection. Opacity – perfection. You get the idea. I love everything about this polish. This was opaque for me in one coat, just like the rest, but you could need two based on application.



So now into some of the things that take these polishes to the next level. The all stamp. All of them. Some are more opaque than others as far as stamping goes, but they all do stamp, and they stamp well.

‘Bowl For Two’ stamped with ‘Your Love’- Matte topcoat on last 3 fingers – Glossy on first finger – Artificial light
‘I’m With You’ stamped with ‘Lazy Afternoon’ – Matte topcoat on last 3 fingers – Glossy topcoat on first finger
‘Green Hell’ stamped with ‘Mellow Mood’ – Matte topcoat on last 3 fingers – Glossy topcoat on first finger
‘Lazy Afternoon’ stamped with ‘I’m With You’ – Matte topcoat on last 3 fingers – Glossy topcoat on first finger
‘Your Love’ stamped with ‘Bowl For Two’ – Matte topcoat on last 3 fingers (don’t know why the matte topcoat washed out the color…sorry for that) – Glossy topcoat on first finger
‘Mellow Mood’ stamped with ‘Green Hell’ – Matte topcoat on last 3 fingers – Glossy topcoat on first finger

And just to add to the stamping awesomeness…

Gradient stamping with the entire collection + Holographic topcoat

This just goes to show how beautiful these colors all are together. Its a perfect fit. The look stunning stamped over both black and white. And I had to add holo…because…holo.

And finally…the cherry on top…they watermarble. And they watermarble well.

Watermarble with the entire collection over a white base finished with a glossy topcoat.

And just so you all can see…I did a couple of watermarbles and took photos before dipping in for my mani –


**Yes, I use silicone cupcake molds for my watermarbling. They are so much easier to clean, and I never waste cups. Plus, they’re acetone resistant if you need to clean off excess polish**

So there you have it. The ‘Hazy Summer Daze’ collection by Pure Poison Polish. This collection is available now! The set is $35 or available individually for $7 each. She is also offering a master neon set for $65. This includes her ‘Spring Break’ Collection set of 6 neon cremes, 2 crellies and one glitter topper. Thats 15 polishes for $65! All of the polishes with the exception of the crellies, stamp and watermarble leading to endless mani possibilities! You can purchase by clicking the link in Pure Poison Polish’s bio on Instagram, here. Or you can go to purepoisonpolish.bigcartel.com.

Thanks for reading and Happy polishing!!!



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