Lilly Anne’s Garden – Upcoming scents for Fall…and more!

Hey All!!!

Suuuuper excited about today’s post! Lilly Anne’s Garden, my favorite go-to in nail and cuticle care,  is going to be releasing 7 new scents for fall. She also included another scent that will be part of a collaboration box with a few other indie nail polish makers to be released in November! At the end of the blog, I’ll be showing you guys some new cuticle oil applicators and sizes that Misty has added to her shop!

Please excuse the cat hair, haha! 2ml sample sizes (not available for purchase) with doe foot applicators. Koa tea light candle holder made by Paul Miller Studios.

When I opened my package after receiving it, it was like opening the door to fall. It smelled of pumpkin, cloves, citrus, and apples. It was marvelous. It made me want to jump in a pile of leaves. Or sit by my fire pit in an oversized sweater and slippers roasting marshmallows., enjoying the summer finally drifting away…giving into the chill of fall.

These scents are absolutely divine! They go on just as delicately as her others and lingers softly on the skin for hours.  These will be available September 2nd in her cuticle oil, acetone additive and sugar scrub. *note not all scents may be available in the lotion*

Here is a list of each scent that will be available–

**I tried to find photos that best described how each one smelled to me. I’ll do a brief description, but visuals are usually a helpful describer. 🙂 **

Pumpkin Pie-

Photo Credit –

This scent is just like warm pumpkin pie, fresh out of the oven. Spicy, sweet and sumptuous with notes of vanilla cream. Gotta have pumpkin pie with whipped cream though. Is there really any other way?…No?…Thats what I thought. 😉

Pumpkin Apple Butter-

Photo Credit –

This scent is like sweet apple cinnamon with a mellow pumpkin and vanilla undertone. This literally smells just like whats pictured. Absolutely delicious!

Caramel Apple-

Caramel Apples |
Photo Credit –

Sweet and tart apple, pulled together with a delectable scent of golden caramel. Makes me want to make these! Nothing beats the taste of the apple against the sweetness of the caramel. So much YUM!

Cinnamon Pumpkin-

Photo Credit –

This scent is luscious, spicy cinnamon with a subtle, sweet pumpkin note. Perfect for any cinnamon lover!

Cranberry Cobbler-

Photo Credit –

This scent is just delicious! It smells sweet and tart at the same time with a hint of vanilla and citrus. Just like a freshly baked cobbler or even cranberry muffins! Those are my favorite during the fall!

Orange Clove-

Photo Credit – via

This is one of my favorites. It is a bright orange citrus scent with notes of clove and anise. As this scent mellows it becomes soft and sweet with just a hint of spice. Absolutely love it! It literally smells just like when you push cloves into an orange. And that, my friends, is a good thing…a very good thing.

The final scent that will be available September 2nd is Harvest Moon-

Photo Credit – via

So, I saved my favorite for last. This scent IS fall. Its got citrus, its got cinnamon, its got clove, its got anise, its got apple…its got it all. As it mellows it becomes a perfect harmonious blend of all things fall. I could wear this one year round and never tire of it.

And finally, Misty will also have new nail charms in her shop for fall as well! Here are two of them-


So CUTE! Love how fun and festive these are! I will be doing manis with these closer to the release date, so be sure to check my Instagram page for those! You can view my Instagram page by clicking here.

And now the special scent that will only be available as part of a collaboration box in November. i give you…Pumpkin Roll-

Photo Credit –

I highly recommend buying the collaboration box in November for this scent. It smells like  pumpkin spice and all the wonderful aromas that come with it. As it mellows, the vanilla cream rolls in, becoming one with the spice. So sumptuous and sweet.

Be on the lookout for this box on Lilly Anne’s Garden’s Instagram page! You can get to her page by clicking the link here.

Now for the “more” that was mentioned in the title. I’m going to be showing you some of the new applicators for cuticle oil that Misty has added to her shop. So excited about these!

Left to right- 5ml rollerball, 15ml refill bottle, 5ml doe foot, 10ml rollerball, 2ml brush pen. 

The three newest are the brush pen applicator, the 5ml rollerball, and the 5ml doe foot. each one works wonderfully and gives an even distribution of oil. They are all good to carry on the go and I have never had an issue with leakage, as long as the caps are on tight. The pen is a fantastic option for quick application and really getting the underside of your nails. It’s also a great option if you have deeper nail beds, like me. If you have a favorite scent, there is a 15ml refill bottle available as well!  Pictured below you can see how easy it is to refill the doe foot bottles and the rollerball bottles. The cap of the rollerball pops off fairly easily, and the doe foot has a wide enough opening to refill easily once the applicator wand is removed. The pen is also easy to refill, but I didn’t open mine since it’s still full and I wanted to avoid making a mess. ;-P The 5 ml rollerball is perfect if you want to try out a scent. However, if you do find a scent that you love, you can always refill it! Not to mention, its the perfect size to carry along with you!

15 ml refill bottle with 2ml oil pen

I really hoped you all enjoyed this review and a peek into the new fall scents to be released on September 2nd. And don’t forget the collaboration box in November! To shop, you can go to Lilly Anne’s Garden Instagram page by clicking here, or go direct to her shop by going to Want to see my first review on Lilly Anne’s Garden products? Click the link to my previous blog post here.

Natural edge Mesquite bowl by Paul Miller Studios…and again, excuse the cat hair. 😛

Thanks so much for looking and happy polishing!!


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