‘Lightning Has Struck’ Collection by Stached Polish–Swatches and Reviews

OH BOY! I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am to do this blog post! As a certified Harry Potter nerd and fanatic, I squealed A LOT (and maybe even cried a little) when I was asked by Stached Polish to swatch this collection! The entire collection is based on the Harry Potter books and films.

It is a 7 polish collection that consists of 4 stunning flakie polishes (one of which is a one coater!!), one gorgeous jelly polish, one holographic glitter polish, and one amazing creme.

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Shown above is a slideshow of all the bottle shots.

Bottle shots with the polish names–Harry Potter image from  Harry Potter Wiki

Now that you know what the polishes look like, lets see them on the nails, shall we?

On to the swatches!!

First up is the namesake of this collection, ‘Lightning Has Struck’…

First photo: two coats + matte topcoat–Second Photo: two coats + glossy topcoat — Bottle Shot–All photos taken in this photo are artificial light. Header photo from Harry Potter Wiki.

This polish definitely reminds me of lightning! Stunning and bold! When Harry returns to Hogwarts in the Deathly Hollows, Lee Jordan announces “Lightning has struck!” Such a powerful moment in both the book and the film.

This polish is so much more complex than I could capture in these photos. It has a golden yellow base with flakies that seem to shift between light blue and pink. It was completely opaque for me in two coats, but if you’re not picky about your nail line showing, you could possibly get away with one coat. The shift in this polish is so much more apparent in person. The formula is slightly thick, but not difficult at all to work with. It was easy to remove, but be prepared to have some sparkling fingers, because the flakies like to stick to the skin. Or, you can use a peel off base coat to avoid the sparkling fingers all together. With each polish, I will recommend a good base coat. The polishes in this collection are highly pigmented and can stain your nails. So, a base coat is recommended for this polish, as well as the others to come.

Individual photos—

Two coats + Glossy Topcoat — Artificial Light
Two Coats + Matte Topcoat — Artificial Light
Two Coats + Glossy Topcoat — Outdoor Light
Two Coats + Glossy Topcoat — Outdoor Light at an angle for a better view of the flakie shift. Still hard to capture, but you can slightly see it.

Next we have ‘Transfiguration’…

First Photo: Two coats + Glossy Topcoat – Second Photo: Two coats + Matte Topcoat — Bottle Shot –All photos taken in artificial light–Header photo from Harry Potter Wiki.

Nothing beats Ron Weasly’s face when he is asked by Professor McGonagall to cast his first transfiguration spell in class. Needless to say, his worried look is well warranted when he turns his rat, Scabbers, into a furry cup with a tail.

This is another stunning flakie polish. It has a warm purple jelly base and is absolutely packed with light blue flakies. The flakies really stand out in this polish, almost “transfiguring” it into blue. The formula on this polish is also on the thick side, but not so thick that it required any thinner or was at all difficult to work with. Shown is two coats, but it can be opaque in one. Adding two coats will definitely deepen the saturation of the color though. The polish was easy to remove, but again, you need to watch out for sparkly fingers with removal. A good peel off base coat will help with removal and avoid flakies sticking to your skin. And as with all Stached Polishes, a good base coat is recommended to avoid any staining of your nails.

Individual Photos—

Two Coats + Glossy Topcoat — Artificial Light
Two Coats + Matte Topcoat — Artificial Lighting
Two Coats + Glossy Topcoat — Outdoor Sunlight

Next we have ‘Malfoy Manor’…

First Photo : Two coats + Glossy Topcoat – Second Photo : Two coats + Matte Topcoat -Bottle Shot–All photos taken in Artificial light–Header Photo from Harry Potter Wiki.

Ahh…The Malfoys. Slytherin to the very core. Deceptive, shifty and villainous.

This polish embodies all the shiftiness of the Malfoys and the villains of the world of Harry Potter. It is a steely gray, almost gunmetal, base packed with flakies that shift from purple to blue and green…even reddish gold. The shift is best seen in indoor lighting or outdoor shade. The polish is also holographic! In the sunlight, rainbows sparkle through the depths of the steely base. The formula was absolutely smooth and easy to apply. Not too thick or thin and didn’t pool or flood the cuticles. It self leveled beautifully. Shown in the swatches is two coats, you could do three depending on your application, but I don’t think it would be necessary. This polish was also easy to remove, but like the other flakies in this collection, be prepared for sparkling skin if you don’t use a peel off base coat. As with all the polishes in the collection, I recommend a base coat to avoid any staining, as Stached Polishes are highly pigmented.

Individual Photos—

Two coats + Glossy Topcoat – Artificial Lighting
Two Coats + Matte Topcoat – Artificial Lighting
Two coats + Glossy Topcoat – Outdoor Sunlight
Two coats + Glossy Topcoat At an angle – Indoor White Light

Next up, ‘Triwizard Champion’…

First Photo : One coat + Glossy Topcoat- Second photo : One coat + Matte Topcoat – Bottle shot–Header photo from Harry Potter Wiki

Could you survive the tasks set before you to become a Triwizard Champion? Harry, Fleur, Cedirc, Viktor…each had attributes and skills to win. The ending to this was tragic and a dark turning point in the Potter series.

This polish is powerful, sultry and assertive. It has a raspberry jelly base and packed with flakies that shift from deep pink to purple and even gold. This polish has a fantastic formula and is opaque in ONE coat. The formula was not thick or thin. It did not pool or flood the cuticles. Two coats does deepen the color and enrich the depth of the polish, but I used one for the swatch photos. This polish was easy to remove, but watch those flakies! I did not experience any staining, (I had the polish on for less than an hour) but this polish is extremely pigmented. If you are prone to staining, I recommend at LEAST 2 coats of base coat and even if you are not prone to staining, I still recommend one to avoid staining your nails.

Individual Photos—

One coat + Glossy topcoat – Artificial Light
One coat + Matte topcoat – Artificial Light
One coat + Glossy topcoat – Outdoor Sunlight

Next up, ‘Undesirable No. 1″…

First Photo : Two coats with glitter placement + Glossy topcoat – Second photo : Two coats with glitter placement + Matte topcoat – Bottle Shot –Header Photo from Harry Potter Wiki.

It seems that making the front page of The Daily Prophet as a fugitive ran in Harry’s family. First, Sirius Black being accused of murder, and then Harry. Such an unfortunate turn of events that put Harry at the top of the Wizarding World’s most wanted list.

This polish is one of my favorites in the collection. It is a blue jelly base with blue flakies, scattered holographic and lightning bolt glitters. This polish was opaque in two coats. The formula was not thick and applied easily. I did have a difficult time applying the larger bolt glitters with general application. To make it easier to apply the glitters, I used two different methods. If you settle the larger glitters towards the top of the bottle, the glitters will be more apparent on your brush making them easier to apply to the nail. Let the bottle sit upside down for about 5 minutes before applying. This helped, but I wanted a few more glitters on the nail, so I used a toothpick to apply the glitters where I wanted. As far as removal goes, I used a peel off base coat for this swatch. Larger glitter and micro glitter have a tendency to adhere to the nail, and I wanted to avoid having to use too much acetone. And remember, all Stached polishes are highly pigmented. So, to avoid staining, I recommend a good base coat.

Individual Photos—

Two coats with glitter placement + Glossy Topcoat – Artificial Light
Two coats with glitter placement + Matte Topcoat – Artificial light
Two coats with glitter placement – Outdoor sunlight

Next we have, ‘The Gray Lady’…

Top Right : Two coats + Glossy topcoat – Bottom Left : Two coats + Matte topcoat – Bottle shot –All shots are artificial light. Header photo found on Harry Potter Wiki.

The Gray Lady. Ghost of the Ravenclaw house. Also known as Helena Ravenclaw. She holds the key to Harry finding her diadem…a horcrux, carrying a piece of Voldemort’s soul.

I can’t say that I own a single grey creme. Shocking, right?! This my first and I adore it! The formula is a perfect consistency and was opaque for me in two coats. It was not too thick or too thin and self leveled beautifully. It even watermarbles! Don’t forget to wear a base coat to avoid staining!

Indiadual Photos—

Two coats + Glossy topcoat – Artificial light
Two coats + Matte Top coat – Artificial Light
Two coats + Glossy Topcoat – Outdoor shade

last up, ‘Yule Ball’…

First photo : Two coats + Glossy topcoat -Artificial Light – Second photo : Same in sunlight – Bottle shot –Header photo from Harry Potter Wiki .

Ahhh….the Yule Ball. When Ron sees Hermione all dressed up and realizes how beautiful she is. Ron is in a hand-me-down “suit” and the Pavarti twins just want to dance;  But their dates, Harry and Ron, are preoccupied with others. Ahh..youth. Haha!

This is a stunning glitter polish with holographic, pink, purple and blue glitters set in a clear base. It can be worn as a topper or full coverage can be achieved in 2-3 coats. You could also sponge it on for full opacity. This polish will be difficult to remove without a peel off base coat, due to it being a glitter. Shown in my swatches is 2 coats painted on.

Individual photos—

Two coats + Glossy Topcoat – Artificial Light
Two coats + Glossy topcoat – Sunlight
Two coats + Glossy topcoat – Indoor white light

And thats it! This is a fantastic collection. Each polish is so unique and beautiful! The ‘Lightning Has Struck’ Collection will be available on July 31st (Harry’s birthday!) at stachedpolish.com or you can click the link in the bio of Stached Polish on Instagram to purchase!

Thanks for looking and Polish on!!

Flirtin’ Co. Summer “Slay” polishes Swatches and Review

Hey guys!

I have a couple polishes from Flirtin’ Co. to share with you today. The owner, Sham, was kind enough to send me these to share with you all! There are from her new Summer “Slay” Collection. I was first introduced to Flirting’ Co in the spring and have since purchased 4 of the polishes from her Spring Blossoms Collection. I was so impressed with them, and am just as impressed with the two that she sent me. I’ll definitely have to purchase a few more! If you want to see the swatches of the rest of the Summer “Slay” Collection, you can do so here.

On to the swatches!

First up is “Dominate Without Regret”…

One Coat + Topcoat- Artificial Light

This is a stunning reddish orange that has a metallic sheen and metallic red hex glitters. It was fully opaque for me in ONE coat. I love one coat polishes. they’re easy to apply, they normally won’t flood your cuticles and are rarely streaky. The formula on this – was- a bit on the thick side. If you’re not comfortable with thicker formulas, you can always add a few drops of thinner to make the consistency more to your liking. It is also HIGHLY pigmented. Higher pigmentation makes the polish much more opaque, but if your nails are prone to staining, one or more coats of base coat is recommended.

Nail art over “Dominate Without Regret”

and finally we have, “No Competition”…

One coat + topcoat – Artificial Light

This polish is a teal that leans more green as it dries. The green is more apparent on my pinky finger in the photo, as I had painted that one first. It also has a metallic sheen and has silver holographic glitter in it as well, which adds some texture to the finish. This was also opaque in ONE coat. I love it! Two one coaters in a collection is a huge plus for me! The formula on this is also a bit on the thick side. Nothing a few drops of thinner won’t fix if the thickness bothers you. It is also highly pigmented, so a good base coat is recommended for this polish as well.

Nail art using “No Competition” as the base.


I’m so happy to have had the pleasure of swatching these two gorgeous polishes. If you would like to purchase these, or the entire Summer “Slay” collection, you can get it here by clicking the link in the bio on her Instagram page or you can go directly to her website.

Thank you so much for looking, and Happy Polishing!!!

Stached Polish-LE Birthday Duo-Swatches & Review

Hey Guys!

Today I have swatches and reviews of the upcoming Birthday Duo by Stached Polish. This duo includes a pretty pink holographic polish and a deep teal creme. Both are one coat polishes. That’s right, one coat. For the sake of my own habits and my stubbornness, I used two coats in my swatches of the pink holographic. It did not alter the opacity of the polish or really deepen the color, so one coat is definitely sufficient for that polish. I have several photos to share with you, including nail art! Both of these polishes will stamp and watermarble! Say What?!

Now, without further ado…

Let’s get into the swatches!

First up is “21…For The 7th Time”

Left photo: 2 coats + Matte Top Coat–Right Photo: 2 coats + Glossy Top Coat

This is the perfect flirty pink holographic! It has an intense holographic flare that seems to be scattered and border lining on linear. It stamps and watermarbles like a dream. This polish IS opaque in ONE coat. But, as I said earlier, I am stubborn and had to try two. I wanted to see if it would deepen the color, the holographic, but it didn’t. The color and holographic was just as strong, beautiful and perfect as the first coat I put on. Shown on the left is with a Matte top coat. It mutes the holographic some, but it softens the polish as a whole and seems make it more delicate, almost petal-like. The right photo is with a glossy top coat. This really makes the holographic stand out. Rainbows for all!

Using “21…for the 7th time” for stamping.

The second polish in this duo is “Birth- Yay”

Left photo: One coat + Matte top coat –Right photo: One coat + Glossy top coat

This polish blew me away when I applied it. The formula is beyond smooth and dries really quickly…the perfect creme. It is extremely pigmented and only required one coat for opacity. Due the the high pigmentation of this polish, a base coat, or even two coats of base coat is recommended if you’re prone to staining. The photo on the left is completed with a matte top coat. Making this polish matte gave it a smooth soft finish and did not appear to significantly dull the color. On the right, the look is completed with a glossy top coat. This finished the polish as expected and added that glossy shine.

Negative space watermarble using Birth- Yay over 21…For The 7th Time

Overall, these polishes are everything I have come to love and expect from Stached Polish. Not only are they one coat polishes, but they dry quickly, apply smoothly, do not run or flood the cuticles, and they have versatility.

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This duo will be available on July 1st, 2016 at http://stachedpolish.com . You can visit Stached Polish on Instagram  for all the latest updates and swatches on this duo. The quantities are limited, so be sure to get one while you can!

Thanks for looking and happy polishing!

Pure Poison Polish – Fireworks Trio- Swatches & Review


Today I have swatches and reviews for Pure Poison Polish’s Fireworks Trio! The trio includes 2 glitters and a crelly.

Up first is the bottle close-up shots of each polish-

Top Left – Fireworks Trio with free gift!, Top Right – Sparklers, Bottom Left- Grand Finale, Bottom Right- Black Cats

Lets get into the swatches!

First up is Sparklers-

Sparklers – Artificial Light – 3 coats + topcoat

This polish is just gorgeous! The glitter in this polish is representative of the sparks coming off a sparkler! I remember being a kid and always loving that when the sparks would hit my skin they would seem to bounce off. …enough reminiscing and back to the polish, haha. This polish has copper and gold metallic hex glitters and gold holographic glitter. There is also a gold shimmer that runs throughout it. Shown is 3 coats with topcoat, but you could easily get away with two coats if you’re not as picky as me about nail lines showing.

Next up is Black Cats-

Left photo: One coat over back base + topcoat–Right photo: one coat over white base + topcoat

This polish could have so many different applications but I’m going to show you two of them. Black Cats is a black, red and blue glitter, plus holographic glitter in a clear base. The red and blue glitters really makes the 4th of July theme of this polish The glitters are packed in there so it could definitely be built up to full coverage. Shown is one coat over both a black base and a white. Both swatches include a topcoat. I could definitely see a Harley Quinn mani with this polish! Black and red for Halloween or Valentine’s Day (or anti-Valentine’s , if you so desire) Even as a base for nail art at Christmastime! So versatile and definitely one of my favorites in the trio!

One coat of Black Cats over a black base + topcoat – Artificial Light
One coat of Black Cats over a white base + topcoat – Artificial Lighting

Next up is Grand Finale-

Two Coats over a white base + topcoat – Artificial Lighting

This topper is most definitely lives up to it’s name. This multicolored, metallic glitter mix just explodes with color! There are glitters of all different sizes and all are metallic. There’s even holographic glitter in there! Can you say GLITTER BOMB! Shown is two brushed on coats over white to really make the colors pop! This polish could easily be sponged on for full coverage as well!  Shown below is Grand finale over a red and blue base along with the white. I wanted to see how well the colors popped when applied over other colors.

Two coats of Grand Finale over red, white and blue + topcoat – Artificial lighting

As you can see, it looked great! This is definitely fireworks for your fingers.


Overall, These polishes have amazing formulas and are so versatile. They could definitely be used for more than just a single seasonal mani, which in my opinion, makes the purchase well worth the money. There is also a 4th of July Trio that is available as well. Each trio is $20, but if you purchase both trios together, you can use the discount code, 4FIREWORKS,  for 20% off your purchase. Both of these collections are very limited, and will not restock once sold out. If you would like to purchase you can visit Pure Poison Polish on Instagram by clicking here. Or go straight to her store page at http://purepoisonpolish.bigcartel.com

Thanks for looking and Happy Polishing!

Stached Polish – Beverly Hills, What A Thrill! Collection – Swatches and Review

Hey guys!!

Welcome to blog post number two!! If you’re returning for this post, thank you! If you’re new, thank you for stopping by!

I’m opening my very first blog review and swatches with the Beverly Hills, What a Thrill! Collection by Stached Polish.


The collection is inspired by the 1989 film “Troop Beverly Hills“. It includes 5 polishes; Four of them are holographic and one is a jelly with flakies. I initially purchased the mini set of 4 polishes, seen below-


The fifth polish, “The Freddie”, was only offered as a limited edition and the maker wanted it to be available to all, without having to purchase the entire collection, so it was sold separately. I did purchase this polish after I purchased the 4 pc collection, (before it sold out) and we’ll talk more about that further towards the end.

Here we go! Into the swatches!

First up, “It’s Cookie Time”-


This is a stunning teal holographic. It is perfectly opaque in two coats and a glossy top coat is recommended to really make that holographic pop! This polish has a serious amount of holo in it. I mean, WOW! its like a galaxy of rainbows!! The application is smooth and easy to apply. This polish does dry demi-matte, so again a top coat is recommended if you want that glossy finish.

2 coats + topcoat – artificial light
2 coats + topcoat – Outdoor Sunlight

Next up is, “I’ve Lost My Will To Shop”-


This sexy, vibrant red rivals the best red holos out there! In the sun it is blindingly beautiful and just comes alive! As you can tell from the outdoor shot, my camera could barely handle all the holographic goodness! This polish also has a fantastic formula! It’s smooth and easy to apply. It is opaque in 2 coats but could easily be opaque in one if you did a bit thicker application, or are not as picky about nail lines showing slightly. It dries to a demi-matte finish as well, so if you want a nice glossy finish and the holographic to really stand out, a top coat is recommended. Also, I need to mention that all Stached Polishes are highly pigmented and a base coat is highly recommended to avoid staining your nails.

2 coats + topcoat – artificial lighting
2 coats + topcoat – outdoor sunlight

Next we have, “Jewelry Appraisal Patch”-


This is a perfect blushing pink holographic. It is dainty and feminine, girly and fun. When this one hits sunlight, it looks like your nails have been draped in silk and diamonds! Again, perfect formula! Applies smoothly and is opaque in 2 coats. It dries to a demi-matte finish and a top coat is recommended to give it a glossy finish and make the holographic stand out.

2 coats + topcoat – artificial lighting
2 coats + topcoat – outdoor sunlight

And last but not least from the 4 pc collection, “Wilderness Of Life”-


This is the only jelly, and the only polish with flakies rather than holographic. But just look at those flakies!!! They have a distinct shift to pink and that flash is much more apparent in indoor lighting than anywhere else and was difficult to capture. However, I’m hoping that my photos have done this stunning and unique polish some form of justice. This one has to be my favorite from the entire collection. I’m going to be so sad when the mini is gone. Ah well, It’s an excuse to buy a full size! This polish is opaque in two coats, dries to a demi-matte finish and a topcoat is recommended to add a glossy finish. I am dying to get a matte topcoat to see this matted! Flakies always have a tendency to stand out more with a matte topcoat. Also, since this is a blue polish especially, all of Stached Polishes are highly pigmented and a base coat is recommended to avoid staining.

2 coats + topcoat – artificial lighting
2 coats + topcoat – outdoor sunlitght

And finally we have “The Freddie”-


This polish was a Limited Edition and, unfortunately, is no longer available. I still wanted to share it with you, because you’ll never know if it’ll be restocked! It is the absolute perfect nude, and it’s holographic! And holo makes all things 110% better. Always. This perfect polish is opaque in 2 coats. It dries to a demi-matte finish, like the others, so a glossy topcoat is recommended to really make the holographic pop and add a nice shine.

2 coats + topcoat – artificial lighting
2 coats + topcoat – outdoor overcast (we’ve had stormy weather so the sun disappeared *sad face*)
2 coats + topcoat – outdoor lighting with flash

Overall, this collection is absolutely fantastic. Each polish is unique and beautiful. The formulas are consistently smooth and opaque in 2 coats. If you’d like to purchase the 4 piece collection of “Beverly Hills, What a Thrill!” by Stached Polish, you can check her website by clicking the link here or go to http://www.stachedpolish.com. The collection is available as a set for $36.50 for the 12mL full size or $18.50 for the 6.5 mL mini set. The polishes are also available individually for $9.50 for the 12mL full size or $5.00 for the 6.5 mL minis.

Thank you all for looking! Keep on polishing!



My REAL first blog post…We all have to start somewhere.

OK…so here goes nothing.

I never once in my life ever thought I would write a blog. I watched “Julie & Julia” and thought to myself, “WOW…she went nuts doing that!” and got cold feet. I’ve made excuse after excuse trying to talk myself out of doing this. I would tell them all to you, but then this first post would be inherently whiny, and I don’t want that at all. I want to tell you WHY I decided now was the time to start this blog. Fair warning, this post will be a long one. But hopefully, you’ll enjoy what I have to share and if I even inspire one person, I’ve done what I am setting out to do.

This all started in September of 2015 when I was still naive about all things nail polish, nail art related, and anything having to do with nails in general. I had no idea how to care for my nails or my cuticles. In fact, I was a cuticle biter. I bit them so much it was painful. Not only that, I would go to the salon and get acrylic nails done. When I finally took those nails off, my natural nails were as thin as paper and brittle beyond belief. Which ended up making me a nail biter, too. In late August of 2015, I had my acrylic nails removed for good. It took a month for my nail beds to look remotely normal, but it did happen. It was during that time that I discovered the nail community on Instagram.

I became obsessed. I was searching tutorials, reading about nail care and cuticle care. I was overwhelmed with the vast amount of information out there. I wanted to know everything about the products that I was seeing being used in tutorials and in nail art slideshows. I had so many questions! “What is cuticle oil?” “What’s that stuff they’re putting on their fingers and peeling off?” “What’s a vinyl?” (I always thought that was another word for a record! HAHA!) “What’s the difference between holographic, glitter and shimmer? They all sparkle to me!?” It goes on and on. The more I delved into the world of nails, the more I learned. I did my first nail art in late September of 2015 and took the plunge at making my own nails-only Instagram account.

I was so nervous. My cuticles were still not healthy, but I posted anyway. I soon stopped biting my nails and cuticles because I wanted my nails and fingers to look better in the photos I was taking. If anyone says that getting likes and followers on Instagram doesn’t give you a sense of confidence and validation, they’re lying. It did for me. I continued to do my nails more often. I jumped to doing my nails once every two weeks, prior to Instagram, to doing them once a week. Then twice a week. (That seems so weird to me now.) I practiced and practiced and what was something that was just keeping me from biting, turned into something that I used as a daily stress release. It was a hobby. It was a pleasure. It filled me with joy and a sense of accomplishment.

My designs started fairly simple. I attempted almost every technique I could. (I didn’t attempt watermarble until early this year and stamping until about a month ago…yes there will be a blog post about all of it.) After trying many techniques, I began freehand nail art. As a kid, I used to paint, and I was pretty darn good at it. So, I applied that knowledge to my nails. It was challenging and fun. The nail is a very small canvas, so when I would finish my nails, I was so excited to show anyone and everyone what I had accomplished. My followers and likes began to grow steadily and I began painting daily.

As I looked on Instagram everyday, I began following a page called @indiepolish411. And that’s how I started loving the world of indie polishes. I was amazed by all the unique colors and finishes. The glitter toppers and micro-glitters, the flakies, the shimmers and cremes. I was blown away. I had to try some. I began watching YouTube videos for indie polish swatches and after seeing them painted, I was immediately obsessed. My very first indie was given to me by my fiancé this past Christmas. He gave me Starrily’s collab polish with Simplynailogical- Menchie the Cat (because who wouldn’t want all that holographic sparkle after seeing it on Cristine’s YouTube channel?), Starrily- Neutrino, Pretty & Polished – Buddy The Elf (it was Christmas, after all) and Powder Perfect – Forbidden City. And from that moment on, I began voraciously collecting indie polish. My collection of indies is somewhere around 250, I believe, and still growing.

And finally, how I began swatching. If you don’t know what swatching is, think of it like this. You go to purchase paint for your bedroom. You roam the hardware store paint section and see a collection of color cards on the walls, sorted by brand. You pick a color card, take it to the paint counter, and want to see what that color looks like painted. The worker then paints it on a piece of paper for you to see the actual color, opacity and finish. That is called a swatch. The same idea works for nail polish. You, as a consumer, get to see the polish in action, painted on a nail. I began swatching by applying to an open call for swatchers for a brand called Pure Poison Polish. I sent the owner a message, and she told me she would love to have me swatch for her! I was beyond elated. I was so excited and nervous about producing quality photos for her. If you want to see the swatches, you can see them here.  I look back on those photos with pride, and gave myself my own constructive criticism. Over time, I improved. I got a daylight lightbulb for better lighting. I bought a real camera instead of using my cell phone camera. After that there were a few other companies that I swatched for. They were, Polish Me Royalty, Emerald Wings Lacquer, Zombie Claw Polish, and Tux Polish. In the meantime I practiced more nail art. The more I practiced, the more improvement I saw, and others saw. I have currently swatched and reviewed for Lilly Anne’s Garden. This was exciting, because it was my first time reviewing cuticle care products. If you want to see my review, you can see it here.

And thats my story in a nutshell. So, WHY am I doing this blog? Because my journey in the world of nail art has been all about learning and improving. I’m still not the best out there, but I want to help those who are learning, too! I think no matter how advanced we are, we can all learn from each other. In this blog, I will be sharing my swatches and reviews of upcoming collections that I will be doing, but I also want to share behind-the-scenes experiences doing nail art. I will be sharing my fails and successes and what I learned from those fails (or didn’t learn, because I’m stubborn.) So, I sincerely hope you read this to the end. I do have a tendency to ramble on.

Please feel free to comment if you have any suggestions or if theres anything specific you’d like me to talk about! I want to be able to engage with you!

Thank you so much for reading! And keep on polishing! ❤