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Lilly Annes Garden – Holiday Scents and New Products!

Hey all!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, but between illness and the recent holiday, my life has been kind of crazy. So without further ado, welcome back to my blog!

Today I have some new items from Lilly Anne’s Garden to share with you! Misty, the mastermind behind her brand of amazing nail care products has not only expanded her reach to the masses with the inclusion of a new line of products for the home, but has come out with new scents for the holidays and a item, Body Butter!

And because I can’t wait, on to the review! —

First up, Lets talk scents.

Misty has come out with several new scents for the holidays and winter that are sure to give you that warm, fuzzy holiday feeling, and some ones to make you giggle, too.

First scent is Eggnog.


This scent is completely reminiscent of the holiday delight. Rich eggnog with hints of spice–this scent is sure to please if you’re a fan of eggnog.

Next is Holiday Pomegranate.img_5917

This scent is sweet tart with hints of holiday spice. There are also notes of Eucalyptus that round out the entire fragrance!

Next is Apple Cinnamon.


This scent definitely reminds me of christmas–Bright Apples with hints of spicy cinnamon. YUM!

Next is Toffee Apple Crunch.


This scent is just delicious! Warm Vanilla with delicious apple and rich caramel! This one will definitely feel indulgent when you wear it.

Next is Christmas Cookies.


Every year the smell of cookies baking in the oven is my favorite scent. Warm and sweet, this one is sure to please!

Next is img_5916

This is such a rich and sumptuous scent! Sweet pears with notes of rich caramel and vanilla. So much YUM…gonna be a lot of yum going on here.

Next is Chai Tea.


If this drink is your “cup of tea” then this is for you. Warm spicy cardamom, anise, and cinnamon are sure to warm you this chilly winter season.

Next is Vanilla Insanity.


For Vanilla Lovers only. If you love all things Vanilla, this scent is for you. 100% vanilla, 100% of the time. So much YES…and YUM…don’t for get the yum.

Next up is Jack Frost.


This frosty scent is a burst of winter air that is bursting with minty freshness. Definitely Jack Frost approved.

Next is Sugar Plum Fairy.


This has got to be my favorite of the new winter scents. This scent screams Christmas to me! Sweet plums with hints of Douglas fir. I want my life to small like this. Happiness in a bottle, yeah, thats what this is.

Next up we got a couple that will make you giggle. The names will make you smile and the scents will make you go–you guessed it–YUM.

First is Reindeer Poo.


This fun scent doesn’t smell like poo at all. And, honestly, if poo smelled like this, the world would be a happier place. This poo smells like fresh pine and mint with hints of vanilla. Again…if poos smelled like this, happiness. Haha!

And finally we have Elf Sweat.


Now if you could sweat vanilla and candy canes, would you? I know I would! I wonder…do elves sweat in the cold of the north pole? If they do, the gym must small amazing!!

And now that we have gotten into the scents, lets dive into a couple of new products! Misty has added another amazing item to the nail and skincare line up! She now makes Body Butters!


These body butters are light, fluffy, and intensely hydrating! Just a small amount goes a long way. I have been using this as a mask for my fingers at night, as a soothing aftershave lotion after shaving my legs, and it has even helped in getting rid of my driest skin–even my eczema! Keep in mind that these are all handmade, and are made in small batches; So if you do decide to order some of these body butters, make sure you allow time for them to be made. This will be available in all the winter scents!

And finally we have the wax melts. Yes, wax melts.


Now all the scents you love on your skin, you can have in your home! These wax melts melt in about 20 minutes (starting with a cold warmer) and will, of course, move quicker starting with a warmer that is already heated. The scents that I was sent were not overwhelming in the least and even my fiancĂ©, who has an aversion to potpourri, loved that the scents smelled god, but weren’t overwhelming. If there are favorite scents that you have from Lilly Anne’s Garden, or are just a wax melt lover, there’s something for everyone!

All items are available now at lillyannnesgarden.com or you can click the link in the bio of Lilly Anne’s Garden’s instagram page to purchase!

Thank you all for reading! Happy polishing and see you in the next post!