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Lilly Anne’s Garden- Pregnancy/Infant Loss Awareness Box LE Review

Hi all!

Today on the blog, I have the LE Pregnancy/Infant Loss Awareness box from Lilly Anne’s Garden. This box is dedicated to, and to raise awareness for, anyone that has lost a child. Each month, Misty creates a scent of the month–50% of all sales of that scent go to Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. This is an organization that supports families who have suffered the tragic loss of a child, and remembers and honors them through photographs and remembrances. They also offer assistance for medical services, family services and bereavement counseling.  For this box, $3 from each purchase will be donated. 1 in 4 women have suffered the loss of a child, including myself. This box and what it represents is dear to my heart and you are not alone. If you have suffered the loss of a child, reach out. There is help and support there for you.


This box is $13 + shipping and will be available tomorrow, restocked. You can click the link here to purchase. Make sure to follow Lilly Anne’s Garden on Instagram for updates. You can follow by clicking here.

On to the review!–


This box contains a Sugar scrub in the scent Angel Kisses, a 10mL rollerball cuticle oil in the scent Butterfly Hugs, and a small sheet of awareness ribbon water slide decals from RibbitsStickIts (Kristy create some AMAZING vinyls and water slide decals! Be sure to check out her shop and her Instagram! You can get to her Instagram by clicking here and her shop is ribbitsstickits.bigcartel.com.)


First up, the cuticle oil.


This is a 10 mL rollerball Cuticle oil in the scent Butterfly Hugs. It is a creative fresh blend of apple blossom, lily of the valley and rose petals.The overall scent is soft, refreshing, clean and floral. It reminds me of a lush garden in the summer, and like all of Misty’s cuticle oil, it is absolutely amazing.

On to the sugar scrub!–


The sugar scrub is in the scent, Angel Kisses. This fragrance begins with top notes of green leafy ferns and sweet florals; followed by jasmine and white floral lily; sitting on a floral musk base note. It is also colored pink and blue. The overall scent is is feminine and inviting; Welcoming you into the open arms of a garden of springtime flowers. This sugar scrub, like all of Misty’s sugar scuba is super hydrating and leaves the skin feeling soft and supple.

And finally, the water slide decals from RibbitsStickIts!–

Used ‘Skinny Dip’ and ‘Zero Tolerance’ by Flirtin’ Co. Holographic Stamped stars and a butterfly charm that is also available in Lilly Anne’s Garden’s shop. Pregnancy/Infant Loss Awareness ribbon decal by RibbitsStickIts.

These custom decals are exclusive to this box. Show your support and awareness by wearing a ribbon on October 15th!

RibbitsStickIts waterslide decals are so easy to use! Simply cut out your decal and place in water for 15-30 seconds. Remove the decal from the backing and place it on the desired place on your nail. You can remove any excess with acetone and then add your favorite top coat! If you are impatient like me :D, you can add a top coat or clear polish BEFORE attaching/laying your decal so that it adheres to the nail more securely. Because the decals are semi-transparent, they work best over lighter color polishes.

That is my review for the LE Pregnancy/Infant Loss Awareness box from Lilly Anne’s Garden. Don’t forget to follow on Instagram and my blog for more reviews! Thanks for looking! And until next time…Happy Polishing!

Stached Polish-LE Birthday Duo-Swatches & Review

Hey Guys!

Today I have swatches and reviews of the upcoming Birthday Duo by Stached Polish. This duo includes a pretty pink holographic polish and a deep teal creme. Both are one coat polishes. That’s right, one coat. For the sake of my own habits and my stubbornness, I used two coats in my swatches of the pink holographic. It did not alter the opacity of the polish or really deepen the color, so one coat is definitely sufficient for that polish. I have several photos to share with you, including nail art! Both of these polishes will stamp and watermarble! Say What?!

Now, without further ado…

Let’s get into the swatches!

First up is “21…For The 7th Time”

Left photo: 2 coats + Matte Top Coat–Right Photo: 2 coats + Glossy Top Coat

This is the perfect flirty pink holographic! It has an intense holographic flare that seems to be scattered and border lining on linear. It stamps and watermarbles like a dream. This polish IS opaque in ONE coat. But, as I said earlier, I am stubborn and had to try two. I wanted to see if it would deepen the color, the holographic, but it didn’t. The color and holographic was just as strong, beautiful and perfect as the first coat I put on. Shown on the left is with a Matte top coat. It mutes the holographic some, but it softens the polish as a whole and seems make it more delicate, almost petal-like. The right photo is with a glossy top coat. This really makes the holographic stand out. Rainbows for all!

Using “21…for the 7th time” for stamping.

The second polish in this duo is “Birth- Yay”

Left photo: One coat + Matte top coat –Right photo: One coat + Glossy top coat

This polish blew me away when I applied it. The formula is beyond smooth and dries really quickly…the perfect creme. It is extremely pigmented and only required one coat for opacity. Due the the high pigmentation of this polish, a base coat, or even two coats of base coat is recommended if you’re prone to staining. The photo on the left is completed with a matte top coat. Making this polish matte gave it a smooth soft finish and did not appear to significantly dull the color. On the right, the look is completed with a glossy top coat. This finished the polish as expected and added that glossy shine.

Negative space watermarble using Birth- Yay over 21…For The 7th Time

Overall, these polishes are everything I have come to love and expect from Stached Polish. Not only are they one coat polishes, but they dry quickly, apply smoothly, do not run or flood the cuticles, and they have versatility.

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This duo will be available on July 1st, 2016 at http://stachedpolish.com . You can visit Stached Polish on Instagram  for all the latest updates and swatches on this duo. The quantities are limited, so be sure to get one while you can!

Thanks for looking and happy polishing!